Do you perform circumcisions?
The professionals at The Newborn Associates will perform a circumcision on your male child upon your request. Over 80% of male infants in Jackson are circumcised. Although, recent studies show decreased incidence of bladder and kidney infections in circumcised male infants, circumcision is still considered an elective procedure.


We will be happy to discuss the pros and cons of this procedure with you as you make your decision. Local anesthesia is available for the procedure, and circumcision is usually performed while the child is still in the hospital.


Because the procedure is elective, it is usually not covered by insurance or Medicaid. Our policy is to require payment prior to performing the circumcision.


Will you transfer my baby’s information to my pediatrician?
The Newborn Associates is happy to transfer all of your child’s medical information to the pediatrician of your choice. Most pediatricians want to see a new baby at around two weeks for a checkup. It is the parent’s responsibility to schedule the initial two-week appointment with a pediatrician.


What if I have questions or concerns before our two-week pediatrician appointment?
If you have any questions regarding your child’s health before he or she has visited the pediatrician, you may call the baby care line for the hospital where you delivered. A registered nurse is on duty 24 hours a day to answer your questions or get you set up with an appointment if necessary. Following are the hospital baby care phone numbers:

Central Mississippi Medical Center - (601) 376-2800
Mississippi Baptist Medical Center - (601) 948-1076
River Oaks Baby Suites - (601) 933-5410
Madison River Oaks - (601) 855-4000
St. Dominic’s Hospital - (601) 200-5640
Women's Hospital - (601) 932-8000

How will I be billed?
The Newborn Associates will bill separately from the hospital. You should receive a card from your obstetrician or the hospital giving information on how to pre-register with us. If you do not receive this, you may call our office at (601) 957-7345, email us at jchalk@newborndocs.com, or use our downloadable form to quickly pre-register.


We will send you an estimate for your bill and discuss payment options with you. It is the policy of The Newborn Associates to collect the deductible, co-insurance, and non-covered items prior to delivery.