After Delivery

After your baby’s birth, her or she will receive a complete physical examination from one of our staff. The neonatologist or nurse practitioner will visit you every day of your stay in the hospital to update you on your baby’s overall health and answer any questions you may have. A member of the neonatal team is available at all times during your stay and will be called immediately if there are any problems with your baby. Your baby will receive several tests and procedures while in the hospital.


On your day of discharge, your baby will have another examination, and you will get a report from the neonatal team before you leave the hospital. Most newborns are able to be discharged home from the hospital with their mothers. Occasionally, your baby might have problems that require him or her to stay in the hospital after you are discharged. These problems are usually related to prematurity or jaundice and will be thoroughly discussed with you by the doctor.